What makes Jona special?

Top four innovative features provided by Jona.


Navigating through millions of products is painful. Why not just showcase things catered to your personal interests? Jona uses cutting-edge technologies to present to you products you mostly like.

Getting discount is never easier

No more searching around to find the best discount code for the product you desire. Jona can check what is the best available discount code and automatically apply it for you when you checkout. Say goodbye to expired coupons.

Hassle-free checkout

Input your personal information once and use it everywhere using our patent-pending technology.


Your confidential information is securely saved inside your own mobile phone using military-grade encryption. Even if you lost your phone, no one else can access your personal information without your biometric ID or PIN. see video
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“This is the best shopping assistant every busy mom need!”


“I wish this was available when I had my first baby!”

Mother of 3 children whose blog was ranked as #2 best mom's blog by Cision.

“As a busy parent, I have faced a lot of frictions in online shopping, Jona makes shopping a pleasure again!”

Dr. Smruti Gulanikar