Most frequent questions and answers

You will click the ‘Help’ button on the ‘Selected’ list page.  If you have other questions, please refer to this FAQ page or connect with us via Instagram and other SNS channels. 

We store certain personal information in your own phone and not shared with us.  It’s called shopping profile which includes  as your name, address, email, payment methods,etc.  It’s encrypted with military grade 256-bit encryption algorithm, so even if someone gets your phone, they can’t use it.  Certain other information like your nickname/screen name is shared with us and stored separately with your shopping profiles. 

Unlike other services/software which requires a hefty payment upfront, we only charge when  your purchase is successful.  

Furthermore, you don’t need to use credits when you shop old items, when you purchase out side of the first five-minutes of the weekly drop, or when your payment does not go through.  We only charge when you have successfully purchased the item(s) you want, plain and simple!

The exact number of credit you need to purchase a new item is marked in the product list page.

Please contact us directly through email, instagram, or other means which you can find from Me|About|Contact us from inside this app.